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Custom reports available

Here is just a preview of the reports we have to offer. Don't see the one you're looking for? Let's discuss a custom report to fit your specific needs. Contact us so we can help!

Regular Distribution Trans for IRA Accounts

This program creates a listing and a file of regular retirement distribution transactions for the month that were done on IRA accounts. The listing is provided to Deposit Ops so that they can correct the transactions.

Monthly Charge-off Transactions

Reports all charged off transactions for the month.

Daily Employee NSFs

This program creates a report of employees who have had an NSF today.

Consumer Loans Originated

This program creates a daily  report of the consumer loans originated the prior day.  It determines the origination date from the acctacctstathist table and picks up the ncua category code info and the purpose code info so that the report can be reviewed on a daily basis to make sure that the correct ncua category code is assigned to  each loan.

Dealer Loan Report

Creates  a summary of loans by dealer with Credit Score Ranges.

Dealer Delinquent Loans

Creates  a summary of loans by dealer with Delinquency.

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