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Covalent is used to create and maintain links that are displayed in a web browser within DNA™.  Links can be set up to pass data from DNA as parameters, for example, a name can be passed to a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report. Additionally, oAuth and QCash[1] security types are supported.


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Delinquent Loan Payment Tracking

The Delinquent Loan Payment Tracking report identifies loan payments that are made on non-business days towards delinquent loans and that are posted on the next business day.


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DDS File Management

The DDS File Management application is a batch application that finds all files with a specific extension, makes a copy in another folder, with the copy having index values that allow for import into DDS. The original file is always left in its original state.


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Loan Credit Analysis

The Loan Credit Analysis (LCA) screen displays loan information useful for overall loan quality analysis. Data ranging from credit scores for all borrowers on the account to detailed property and appraisal information is shown.


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Loan Change Review Report

This DNAapp reports data changes for loan accounts over a specified date range. The application has ten optional sections that can be displayed, as well as a parameter that can be used to not report changes made by automated processes (e.g. batch loan changes).


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Lexis Nexis Interface

The Lexis Nexis Web Service Interface is a screen which passes demographic data from DNA to the Lexis Nexis Bridger Insight XG (BIXG) web service and returns both Watchlist (OFAC) and InstantID results.


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All Notes Screen

The All Notes screen displays Account, Person and Organization notes related to the entity selected, and is accessible from Relationship Profile, and both the Person and Organization maintenance screens.


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Experian Credit Score Import

The Experian Credit Score Import application reads in an Experian file containing credit scores and applies the scores to the Person Credit Score history in DNA™. The application is designed to read an export file, created by the Experian Export DNA application, which has been sent to Experian, processed, and returned to the financial institution.


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Ceto Cash Box Manager

CetoLogic Cash Calculator (C³) is a cash management system that is used to optimize branch/ATM cash levels throughout the financial institution and optimize cash delivery and usage.


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LoanGrader Extract

The Loan Grader DNAapp extracts all deposit accounts that have an existing loan relationship either through the tax reported for (TRF) or a specified account role, or that currently have a negative balance regardless of a loan relationship.


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Velocity ILS Interface

The Velocity Intelligent Limit System (ILS) is an overdraft management and reporting system. ILS requires the financial institution to create four files daily by extracting certain data from DNA. The program creates these four files to upload to the software.


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Experian Credit Score Export

The Experian Export application extracts person information required by Experian to import, process, and return updated credit score data. As financial institutions may seek credit scores on a regular basis (e.g. bi-yearly, quarterly) this application can be run as needed and the resulting file sent to the vendor.


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Delinquent PMI Loans

The Delinquent PMI Loans Report DNAapp generates a report of accounts with Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) that are delinquent based on a specified date and number of days. The report provides the information required by PMI providers on a monthly basis allowing you to more easily satisfy their requests and be a better partner. The app has several parameters that allow you to run the same report for each PMI provider.


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Deposit Change Review

The Deposit Change Review generates a customizable report that shows data changes made by employees to deposit accounts. The app allows users to control the report output with parameters governing date ranges, data change types, twelve optional report sections, report format, and the ability only show changes made by employees as opposed to automated batch processes. The report has two sort/page break options: Sort and page break by activity type or sort and page break by branch then by activity type.


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NDAW with Lexis Nexis

The NDAW (New Deposit Account Workflow) with Lexis Nexis DNAapp replaces the Verify/Qualify step within the NDAW with a new step that launches the Lexis Nexis Interface DNAapp. After attaining InstantID results from either the Lexis Nexis – for Person/Member or the Lexis Nexis - for Organizations screen, the NDAW with Lexis Nexis DNAapp returns the user back to the new deposit account workflow where they can complete the new account opening process.


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External Loan Payments

The External Loan Payment screen allows a financial institution to process transactions against externally serviced loan accounts.  The transaction descriptions are specifically formatted for processing via the interface files used in the FISERV MS_EXTENPLUS interface. Transactions can be:

  • Cash to GL

  • Descriptive Withdrawal to GL

  • Electronic Transfer to GL


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Note Purge Utility

This application allows a financial institution to easily document, delete and purge notes from their database through DNA.


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Criticized Assets Report

The Criticized Asset Report assists in the monitoring of an institutions criticized assets. It collects all the information needed by Lenders, Credit Departments, Loan Review and Risk Management Departments to allow for quick analysis without wading through several screens of information.


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Relationship Inquiry

The Relationship Inquiry DNA Application allows access to key person or organization information without displaying account balances. This application consolidates personal information related to any person or organization, served in a single, easy-to-access screen. With a simple name search, this application provides only the data needed for checking identity and verifying key information, such as address and phone number, as well the member’s account and associated property information.


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NCR Alerts

This application can provide user requested alerts within minutes of a transaction or balance update. This is done through processing files that contain updated account balances and new transaction history throughout the day.


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Call Center Panel

A simple slide out screen which allows users to view, create, and inactivate notes pertaining to Call Center activity.


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Construction Loan Disbursement Manager

The Construction Loan Disbursement DNA app is used to disburse funds from a construction loan to one or more payees for construction project details. The application can disburse by electronic transfer or batch check.


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SageWorks Data Extract

This DNAapp is a batch application that generates three distinct extract files containing information for import into the Sageworks financial software.


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Student Loan Manager

This application is created for financial institutions (FI) which offer student loans and would like to manage the student's academic and loan records with DNA®.


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