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How In-House Apps Jumpstarted A Technology Venture For Greylock FCU | 2016

"The need for applications that interface with industry-standard software systems is a given for any credit union that wants an efficient and effective IT setup. Most opt for one of two solutions: development and maintenance of homegrown apps, which can be an expensive time suck, or buying them and hoping for the best." read more >>

Online App Stores Thriving for Symitar, Fiserv Developers

Credit Union Times | 2014

"...Removing the risk by knowing that the application being attached to the critical core system has been vetted by its developers and then again by the company, adds to the attraction, said Zimmer, an industry veteran who came over to Fiserv with the Open Solutions acquisition." read more >>

Home-Grown App Monitors Troubled Loans

American Banker | 2013 - 2014

"...Since its launch last year, the $1.2 billion-asset Greylock estimates that it has saved more than 1,000 employee hours. "The review process is like getting a root canal, our app takes a lot of the pain away," Zimmer says." read more >>

Business Lending App Cuts 1,000 Staff Hours

Credit Union Journal | 2013

"PITTSFIELD, Mass.-Greylock FCU has developed a business lending application that's saving more than 1,000 employee hours a year, is increasing portfolio size and helping staff spot trouble in an account before things get out of hand." read more >>


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